Attriuted to the late and very great Eleanor Roosevelt and others is one of my favorite sayings on self esteem To paraphrase - "nobody can make you feel inferior without YOUR permission". Wise woman! Not an easy concept to understand in the years where peer-groups trump all.

My other favorite saying re: the thoughts of others about me:

What someone thinks of me is none of my f**king business. Again, difficult to apply during teen years.

As a young boy who was "chubby", I think I can understand some of the pain your daughter and you must be feeling. Please allow me to extend a big internet hug to your daughter and you. Children at that age can be amazingly cruel, as anyone who has read Golding's foirceful tale: The Lord of the Flies." knows.

Peace and Healing,


Let us only hope and pray that Rep. Raskin is onto something solid and forensically provable.

My fondest vision of Trump and family is how good they will look in State or Federal prison orange. In,Trump's casket, when he dies from obesity and inactivity (too bad telling lies kills others but not this liar), he should be dressed in said orange prison wear. It will go with his fake hair and fake make-up. The implication is that he dies in prison serving life sentences for trying to destroy democracy. He is simply a traitor.

Fingers crossed,



Thank you mate,

Here are my two favorite sayings on learning (one in Latin, the other in Italian)

1.Docendo discimus - In teaching we learn. I discovered this as truth when I taught at an offshore medical school (definitely a tough job, haha!) My knowledge of medicine increased many fold.

2. Ancora, Imparo - and yet, I still learn. Said by a very aged Michelangelo. True geniuses are often humble in the knowledge that they have received the gift of creativity and ability.

As a aside, my only hope for Elon is that his next space adventure gets him forever lost in the distant cosmos. That Time made him Person of the Year is a disgrace. Fauci should have been their choice or the vaccine, per se.




The working title could be 5 irrational ways o win an argument.

I think the best way to "win" arguments goes something like this::

1. Walk away when the other arguer has no interest in listening or confronting their beliefs.

2. Try to redefine an argument as "mutual problem solving".

3. Never try to Win as in a win-lose win. The only negotiation that ultimately functions is where both sides feel they have won.

4. Humility helps.

6. Planting seeds in someone else's brain,in the hope they will grow to tall oaks.



peter dohan

Ex-surgical pathologist, now a photographer; partnered with a unique Chinese surgeon. Well travelled and full of simple love.

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