Does any of this surprise you about a nation that once had a national party called "The knownothings"? Ignorance is as old as mankind. As Immanuel Kant said: Nothing stright shall ever be made of the crooked timber of mankind.

What saddens me is the political weaponization of ignorance. The cure for bad speech is more good speech, the adage goes. Could the cure for pervasive stupidity be more education, something woefully underfunded in America. Finland should be our educational model. Rather I think it may be Iran with tthe influence of the aggressive religious.

To finish with my favorite Allbert as in Einstein:

Two things are infinite - the Universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure of the first.

He was right to doubt the first, as the universe is an expanding finite.

With hope for sanity, arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!


Dear Dr. Westreich,

An intelligent scientific or medical article is a rara avis in Medium. You just wrote one. Thank you. The level of discourse on Medium is so solipistic, that tales of the failing or suceeding self become repetitious and essentially junkfood for the brain. .Science anddeep understanding are often heeded as wise people should heed it. The old saaw is evergreen: "For every problem there is a solution that is simple, neat and wrong" American education lags woefullly in STEMi education vis-a-vis our EU and Asian peers.. The current politically-motivated vaccine date is exhibit A.

Thank you,

Peter H. Dohan, MD

Portland, ME

Dear Mr. McNulty,

Very important article, especially for those who have no experience of the cold war and how lucky we were to survive it. I date myself by writing that I remember in grammar school having "air-raid drills" for nuclear armed fleets ofSoviet bombers. Hiding under the desk was basically saying: Kiss your ass goodbye. From the Cuban missle crisis to starwars, the proposition of a nuclear war became less impossible. I am not a Reagan fan for what he did to the GOP that has devolved under Trump to a danger to democracy. However, he and Gorachev essentially pulled us back fro the precipice. And Reagan did this when he was most likely in early stages of Alheimer's. Basically, these two international visionaries saved our bacon.

Thank you for your insightful essay

Peter (H. Dohan, MD)

Portland, Maine

Dear Damian,

Thank you for your wise, measured reply.

I am aware that prison rape has finally come out of the shadows. However, according to a recent Fox "News" report:

“This type of violence is rampant in U.S. prisons and jails. Every year, a staggering 200,000 people are sexually abused while locked up,” Jesse Lerner-Kinglake, a spokesman for health and human rights organization Just Detention International, citing the most recent available data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), told Fox News. “Both inmates and corrections officers perpetuate abuse, and contrary to public perception, at least half of all abuse is committed by officers.”

May the Goddess of Truth forgive me for quoting from Fox News, an organization as deleterious to society as corrupt and overused prisons.

When do you get out? Your story moved me deeply.


Dear #PTBAM,

Some truth in your article and a little too much misogny. I disagree, at age 75 with an LDR with a lovely inside and out Chinese surgeon, that women lose value as they age. From your perch in the 30s it may seem so. From my older perch, women acquire a deeper beauty and wisdom. Currently, celibate by choice, my best lovers have been older women - more open, sexual and they know what they want and how to be excellent lovers.

Personally,, I find the 3Cers (Cancel-Culture-Cultist) royal, self-centered pains in the ass. They are best disregarded. However, you present masculinity as an ever increasing value and the feminine as a decreasing value with age. This may be true for you. For me, it is a misogynistic misrepresentation of the true value of women at any age.

Good luck. I like your #PTBAM.


Great story for this 75 yr young straight cisgendered male; I find it amuzing at the ever increasing number of adjectives we use to define ourselves.. I would rather be just me.

I highlighted the headings as they tell a good sexy story. Your enjoymment as a naif made the story sweeter.

I also, being a popous ass, lol! highlighted "who's"; correct usuage is "whose". No big deal.

I also highlighed "deviance". Unless one is performing an illegal act (usaully about the sexual exploitation of children), no sexual act is deviant. They are all part of the wonderful repetoire of human sexual behaviors.

Finally, I have met MANY bisexual women - I find them to be more adventuresome, intelligent and sexual than non-bi woman. Sexual orientation is much more fluid in the femaloe than in the male.

With joy at your joy,


peter dohan

Ex-surgical pathologist, now a photographer; partnered with a unique Chinese surgeon. Well travelled and full of simple love.

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