Dear Dean's List, Good article. I have one disagreement and one reasonable, IMO, idea to remake the court without packing it. The sentence "The Court will not only be seen as a political institution but it will be one" is false. THE COURT IS A POLITICAL INSTITUTION, ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND NOW MORESO THAN EVER. Thanks to Garland's McConnell catastrophe, this allowed Trump to pack the court with 3 far-right justices as the Federalist Society wanted, It is now a conservative political institution with five right-wing votes guaranteed and Chief Justice Robert's vote largely indeterminate. This court is a direct challenge to the needed transformation America is undergoing. Solution, have a retroactive 14 year term-limit for the judges - that means good-bye Clarence, Samuel, Stephen and John. This will create a Biden court that will help rebuild back better. With respect, Peter H. Dohan, MD