Dr. Stockwell,

Mega-kudos. As a retired surgical pathologist, your article is potentially life-saving. Of all malignancies, the one that puts the fear of God in my medical soul is Glioblastoma. I think, since your article seems written for scientists, you would benefit your Medium readers with more definitions - especially what ferroapotosis is and why is restrains this terrible malignancy.

As a 77 year old male, I have an abiding interest in longevity. I take many supplements as part of my program. Glycine supposedly counters the effect of mrethionine. Is supplementing with glutathione a good idea? Does NAC contribute to overall cysteine levels? I have included my email if you would like to chat off of Medium.

Peter h. Dohan, MD




peter dohan

Ex-surgical pathologist, now a photographer; partnered with a unique Chinese surgeon. Well travelled and full of simple love.