Well-conceived and written article. As for longevity, I am 75 on a Modified (by me) David Sinclair "Lifespan" program which stresses diet, exercise, stress reduction, getting outside your thermal and other comfort zones and many selected supplement which are an attempt to suppress my aging chemistry. Plus, I swear by Blue Zone habits which are easily incorporated into life. It is time for us to proclaim that aging is a biochemical disease and as such, such be treated. Wisdom, joy, love, creativity, a wonderful LDR with an Asian physician who is as gentle as she is intelligent, as beautiful as she is intelligent. You are so right - every day is sacred. As Ben Franklin noted (lived a great life - wine, women and wisdom): Many people die at twenty five and aren't buried until they are seventy five. Life becomes much simpler - Zen in living. I own neither car nor TV, have classical music on NPR all day, surround myself with beauty which is the great healer, spend as much time in nature as I can and I am working on creating a new life in Europe with my Asian bride. To say it in as few words as possible: I have never been happier. As older women and men, we have much to contribute to a rather reckless society. (Joe Biden is curative IMO). Society needs to institute mechanisms so we can gratefully share our wisdom.

Peter H. Dohan, MD

Portland ME


Ex-surgical pathologist, now a photographer; partnered with a unique Chinese surgeon. Well travelled and full of simple love.

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