Your story has a sadness - when you talk of "objectification" s a child. That leaves the definition of "objectification" wide-open? Abuse?

When the bikini was released in the 50s, it was a high point of the evolving sexual revolution - named after the Pacific Ocean Bikini Atoll where the fiirst Hydrogen bomb. And the bikini went off like a huge bomb. So, please be aware that wearing a bikini per se is a sexual objectification of a woman by herselff.

To take a diferent biologic tack, without the "objectiffication" you complain of, there would be no lust, without lust no sex, without sex no humans. Personall,y it sounds as if the men who wrote you were a group of flaming Australian assholes. As you write in a previous piece, men (including myself) automatically divide women into the fuckable and unfuckable - again, without this automatic sociobiologic prrocess, there would not be the species of H. Sapiens.

Do not blame men - that is a 3Cer's activity (the Cancel Culture Cultists). Men did not design their brains, just as women did not design their brains; evolution did.

Peace in this troubled world,

Peter H. Dohan, MD


Ex-surgical pathologist, now a photographer; partnered with a unique Chinese surgeon. Well travelled and full of simple love.

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